q         A B A L O N E   r





80 x 60 cm

Oil on canvas

2017 collection



For as long as I can remember, I've always been fascinated by mermaids and the aquatic world. But also terrified. I am fascinated by how little we know of the oceans and by the very sacred lives that are unfolding beneath us in the deep blue oceans.

This painting named "Abalone" portrays a strong sea-woman who comes from the depth of the ocean to the surface with an envy and a thirst for knowledge. She reunites both worlds - ocean and space - as an entity who sees all and who is all. She piques your curiosity as you watch her, intrigued and subtly drawn to her world, as if you were enchanted by her bewitching glaze and whisper, from which there may be no coming back...

I got my inspiration from nature and from the beauty that the ocean has to offer: the beautiful abalone shell and its extremely rare and magical blue pearls (see photos below) inspired me to create the background, and I used the green - blue pearly details of a sea shell to represent the soul of the ocean and how deep it is connected to the mermaid - which also represents her fertility and feminine side.







Julie Morin mermaid closeup 2
Julie Morin mermaid closeup 3
Julie Morin mermaid closeup

Abalone shells and pearls, sea shells and other inspirations - photo credits: Pinterest

abalone shell2
sea shell2
abalone pearls2
sea shell 22
abalone shell 22
sea sunset2
ocean inspiration2

photo credits: Pinterest

Julie Morin mermaid inspiration5
Julie Morin mermaid painting4