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My name is Julie Morin and I am a painter from France, now living in the Netherlands. I use oil colors, acrylics and inks to create vibrant and colorful art pieces. You can see all my original artworks in this website. Enjoy your visit!

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New video on Youtude: quick oil study timelapse

Every month I upload a new video showing my latest artwork and how I painted it, through to a time lapse that I set when I start painting the very beginning of each artwork.

This month I chose to feature a quick video of a portrait painting with watercolors and oils on an unstretched cotton canvas. 




Art exhibition in Rotterdam


During the month of October my artworks will be exposed in the restaurant Juffrouw van Zanten in Rotterdam.

Come and have a look at them while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee!



Schilderij van het jaar 2017

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This year I am participating to the Dutch contest "Schilderij van het jaar 2017" (painting of the year 2017). I submitted 3 of my favorite artworks, it would be awesome if you could go check them out and vote for your favorite one! You can also discover the work of many talented artists in the Netherlands 🙂 The votes are open from 01/10/2017 till 30/11/2017. thank you so so much! xx