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My name is Julie Morin and I am a painter from France, now living in the Netherlands. I use oil colors, acrylics and inks to create vibrant and colorful art pieces. You can see all my original artworks in this website. Enjoy your visit!

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New! Participate in my art challenge with #juliemorinartchallenge

Every month I will provide a line drawing of one of my favorite artworks, and you will have the possibility to participate in the contest #juliemorinartchallenge by coulouring this drawing and giving it your own twist! Everything is possible, and every medium is allowed, let your imagination go wild! (to save the image, simply right click on it, and save to your computer)

Once your piece is created, post it on your instagram using hashtag #juliemorinartchallenge. Be sure to take a good quality photo with sufficient lighting.

At the end of the month I will select my top favorite 4 and will post them on my feed with credits to the owners.  Have fun and good luck!



New video on Youtude: Bella

Every month I upload a new video showing my latest artwork and how I painted it, through to a time lapse that I set when I start painting the very beginning of each artwork.

This month I chose to feature the timelapse oil painting of my new artwork "Bella", a beautiful mermaid caught in the depth of the ocean.